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Dubai Burj Khalifa Light Show in HD

Burj Khalifa Light Show : Burj khalifa light show 2019 timings, Burj khalifa light show timings, Burj khalifa light show how it works, light show music and light show timing today. The tallest building in the world never fails to impress when it comes to its spectacular light displays, and now it has a brand-new show celebrating life.

Throughout June, the Burj Khalifa will feature a brand-new LED light performance named ‘Soar’ – a spectacle of colours depicting ‘the energy of the universe’. Head down and see the demonstration every hour on Sunday to Wednesday from 7.45pm-10.45pm, and in 30 minute intervals from Thursday to Saturday at the same times.

Motion designer Víctor Gómez Ródenas was inspired by the reactions of energy in space, which ultimately created everything around us. The LED show has been choreographed and tailored to a soundtrack by Gyom, a four time Emmy nominee whose eclectic music has been heard in TV shows and commercials. Have a listen to some of his songs here.

Soar was selected from hundreds of submissions when Emaar sent an open competition for local and international designers, light artists and 3D mapping artists a few months ago. Ródenas was among ten of the winners that were selected, with the first being Britain’s Got Talent stars Freelusion, whose show played throughout last month.

The mesmerising Burj Khalifa Laser Light Show welcomed more than a million visitors on New Year’s Eve with a dazzling display spanning a surface area of 109,252sq m – that’s the size of about 20 football pitches.

The show is set on the new LED panel displays on BurjKhalifa, featuring over 1.1 million pixels, more than 118 tonnes of light beams and accessories and more than 28.7km of cables, transforming Downtown #Dubai into one of the world’s brightest spots, measuring 76.3 million lumens of brightness.

The show pays homage to the rich traditions of the Middle East, and as well as all of the flashy lights, you can expect featured projections of Arabic calligraphy, sand dunes and even a soaring falcon.

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