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The Lost Chambers Aquarium : Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

The Lost Chambers Aquarium : Atlantis The Palm, Dubai : Spend the day unravelling the myth of the lost city of Atlantis. Take a guided tour and discover the uncovered ruins of the lost city of Atlantis while observing its marine inhabitants up close either through Aquatheatre shows, the Ultimate Snorkel, the Fishtales Tour or Aquarium Dives.

The largest Aquarium in the Middle-East and Africa! Lost for thousands of years deep beneath the sea, the ancient ruins of the lost city of Atlantis have finally been uncovered. Come live out your own Atlantean adventure at The Lost Chambers Aquarium home to 65,000 incredible marine animals. Explore the underwater mazes and tunnels of this lost civilization while encountering sharks, eels, seahorses and piranhas. There are over 20 impressive marine life exhibits including a touch tank and our interactive Aquatheatre show.

Surround yourself with sea life in a jaw-dropping walk through the glass tunnels of The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis, The Palm. Sharks, stingrays, piranhas, lobsters, and the tiniest of seahorses are just some of the creatures you’ll come face-to-fin with in this spellbinding underwater world.

Designed around the theme of the Lost City of Atlantis, the underwater tunnels serve as an immersive experience into a lost civilisation of ship wrecks and ruins. You’ll encounter the most amazing and colourful collection of underwater life in 10 beautiful chambers.

There are over 20 marine life exhibits in this aquarium where you can interact with some of the creatures and even help feed them – guided by animal experts. Whether you want to see or literally become part of the underwater scene, The Lost Chambers Aquarium promises Atlantic adventures for the whole family.

More than just a place to see fish, the Lost Chambers Aquarium is (allegedly) the actual home of the lost city of Atlantis. This mythical dimension gives Lost Chambers extra oomph. Plus, there are more than 65,000 exotic and fascinating marine animals. Prepare for undersea adventure!

In keeping with the Atlantis theme (which they do throughout), the aquarium is laid out as a series of tunnels and mazes. So you’re constantly exploring underwater worlds, and feeling like an intrepid adventurer and a marine biologist – sort of a Jacques Cousteau/Indiana Jones hybrid.

This delightful conceit sets the stage for the stars of the show to shine. Lit to highlight the strange and wonderful sea creatures who call this place home, you’ll find yourself sucked into the world of the deep, as well as learning about the lives of the sea creatures. If you want to go ‘full Atlantean’ there are also hourly Myth Tours that focus on the legendary lost city.

If your focus is on the slippery and flippery inhabitants, there are plenty (more than 65,000) to keep you occupied. Lobsters, sharks, eels, jellyfish, octopi, seahorses and piranhas all go about their watery business in an endlessly fascinating way. However, the star attraction is baby brothers Ali and Blue. Everyone agrees that these rare albino alligators are oddly adorable (and just short of ‘cuddly’).

After a visit to the lost city of Atlantis, and communing with all of its undersea residents, you’ll no doubt have the taste for more adventure – and the rest of the world awaits.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Atlantis, The Palm takes visitors through a series of mazes and tunnels as they explore the underwater ruins of Atlantis. This imaginative aquarium houses some 65,000 aquatic animals, including 12 species of rays and sharks.

Unlike most aquariums, The Lost Chambers has a complete backstory, adding a cinematic quality to the visit. According to the hotel’s “myth,” a series of passages and ruins were uncovered as the resort was being built — ruins that were later determined to be the Lost City of Atlantis. As you walk through the different marine exhibits, you’ll not only read information on the marine life but on Atlantean history and culture as well.

Besides the basic aquarium experience, The Lost Chambers also offers twice-daily diving shows in the Aquatheatre, fish feedings and several Marine Animal Adventures that take guests behind the scenes to dive or snorkel in the tanks and learn about what goes in to caring for the animals who call the aquarium home.

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